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love means one touch

let's pretend
love flows ever free
with words so sweet
your lips so easily speak
the lilt such a tease
promising to please
whispering release
warmth moving with ease
let's pretend
love means one touch
falling headlong for the crush
the breathless rush
surrounding us with a hush
wanting this so much
let's pretend...

I decided on Flickr. LOL! I guess I like it enough. I think I like how I can post directly from my camera to Flickr then to my LJ. Very direct. And easy. Since no one wants to do Vox at this point, I want to be able to post my pictures fast to my LJ. :) Like when I'm in Hawaii in a couple of weeks. :D Or tomorrow at the Niner game.

tomorrow's adventure

Oh no, the Detroit Tigers won! Why "oh no?" Because it means the A's have homefield advantage and I have to figure out how to get to the games on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sure, they're both after work, but it's going to take FOREVER to get to the ballpark if we leave at my end time (4pm). But I DREAD asking TPTB if I can take short days two days in row. Come on now! For freakin' baseball?! Well, umm, YES! I'll do what I have to do, but darn it! LOL!

And let me just say, if I haven't already, I believe the A's will get to the World Series and I will not be in California when they're there. I will be in Hawaii. It will just be my luck, eh? :P Oh well, it'll be fun to say that I watched them play from somewhere in Kauai. LOL!
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