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what a day...

what a day
so cool and gray
yet filled with utter delight
we waited impatient
we cheered each hit
hoping with all our might
let this end
the way of our dreams
keeping the winter at bay
let this end
with the promise of more
even on days so gray...

I can't even think of how to describe the game. It was altogether euphoric, maddening, and exhilirating. Part of me just wanted it to go on and part of me just wanted it to end. I wanted it to end because I wanted to know that my A's were going on to the next round. And I wanted it to go on because just being there was the most wonderful thing in the world. What more could I ask for? Baseball in October ROCKS!

It took us ages to get home. And then we had to pack up for our housesitting duties. And so here I am.
Tags: a's, photos, poetry
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