Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

Posted by: walelia on Buzznet
my 8GB nano
Isn't it pretty? :)

I'm in a moblog quandry. I belong to three different photoblog websites-- Buzznet (which is what I'm using to write this entry), Textamerica, and Flickr. I think I need to make a choice now and stick with it.

I've belonged to Buzznet the longest. It has changed a great deal since I signed up, but I signed up early enough to enjoy some benefits. I just don't use it too often. I try to post some pictures occasionally because I do have it as part of my myspace. :P I also have the most pictures stored at Buzznet.

I like Textamerica. The interface is very clean and easy to navigate. I have some movie clips there and they were easy to upload. It's second place as far as storage of my images.

I really like Flickr. It integrates fantastically with LJ and Vox. It keeps track of what camera I'm using. But because I have a free account, I'm hitting some very annoying limits. I can only upload a certain amount of MB per month. I can only make a certain amount of galleries.

Why do I ponder this now? Well, since I hit that annoying limit on Flickr, I've started contemplating paying for the service. Why? I like it enough to use it all the time and with our trip to Hawaii fast approaching, I want to be able to post on the fly. Can't do that if I hit the limit. :P

Of course, I could always just post my pictures to all my moblogs. Spread the love as it were (and I probably will post at least one pic a day to each moblog), but since I can also post from my phone to my LJ and Vox, it just makes sense to use Flickr.

It's only $24.95.

But I think I need to explore a bit...
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