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shadows slither

the shadows slither
creeping through the crevices
hiding dark secrets

Thank goodness for the weekend!

I took a nap while the A's game played on tv. And I'm still tired.

We watched Supernatural. SO SAD! Alas. And that's all I can say about that.

Also watched Shark. Cool show, even though the chick on there thinks that someone on my top friends list is fake. ;)

If kids are partying during school hours at a house and the cops show up because of the noise, where should the kids go?

And yeah, I'm listening to that Tony Bennett & George Michael song again. Beauty for the ears. Ahhhh.

Sometimes I miss going to sleep to music. When I was young, I used to leave the radio on and fall asleep to whatever the radio station decided to play. I wonder if any of my dreams picked up the songs to play in the background. :)
Tags: babble, poetry
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