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so dreary

weak and weary
cold and dreary
nothing warms this hard shell
once heaven bound
now tied to hell
seeping slow from inside
there's nothing to hide
not the overwhelming sorrow
not the broken promise
of tomorrow
the boiling rage unspared
cracking open the despair
so cold, so dreary
sucking the life so weary...

Life is not so dreary, but the words wanted their way this time. ;)

Tonight is Supernatural's 2nd season premiere but it's getting TiVo'd here. :P We have too many things to watch on Thursday nights. Right now, I wouldn't mind going to bed! LOL!

We caught up on some shows last night: Prison Break (dear me!), Vanished (I'm hooked), and Jericho (what is it about Skeet?). All good. Prison Break just simply rocks. I'm with the crazy housewife, I'd want the big silent one. (As long as she meant Lincoln.)... I still can't stand the teens on Vanished, but the rest of the show is cool. I'm intrigued. Plus Ming-Na gets to carry guns. Coolness!... I like Skeet. I don't know why. He's not on my list or anything, but he's fun to watch. He's always looking so beaten up. Did anyone ever see him on Miracles? Always beaten up. LOL!

I'm still so psyched about my A's. I LOVE THE A'S!!! I am going to at least one playoff game in the first round! How exciting is that?! Well, if you're an A's fan like me, it's pretty darn exciting! ;)

And in the "I'm spoiled" section, the hubby casually said to me, "Oh, I got something for you" as he handed me my spankin' new 8GB black Nano!!! Wow, isn't that totally sweet? And wholly unexpected! I love it. It's super thin and looks to be more scratch resistant. SPOILED!

The Tony Bennet/George Michael song is so lovely. Sometimes I forget how much I love George Michael's voice when he sings jazzy tunes. :)
Tags: a's, poetry, spoiled
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