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I still think of you

don't believe I don't think of you
in the cool and misty days
but there is nothing I can do
to bring you here my way
we made our choice to be apart
we believed that this was best
now I must turn away my heart
but I don't love you any less
please believe I still think of you
in the dark and starlit nights
but there is nothing I will do
I know that this is right...

I want to talk about the myspace saga, but I'll save it for the friends only. LOL! Suffice to say that people are insane and posers are amusing for the most part. ;)

I drove to work today and all was well. Except for the freakin' traffic on the way to work. Goodness me!

The A's better win tonight. The torture is killing me!

I miss watching rugby.
Tags: babble, poetry
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