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I can't remember why

we agreed to say goodbye
but now I can't remember why
my heart still belongs to you
just as when we said, "I do"
my one regret will always be
letting you go, setting you free
so I'll sit with the cards in hand
and you faraway, in a different land
regret weighs so heavy in my heart
I can't admit we're meant to be apart
but we agreed to say goodbye
even if I can't remember why...

While I was finishing up washing dishes last night, I suddenly got dizzy. The room just started spinning and I felt so sick. It was the freakiest feeling I have ever experienced. Made me so nervous. I felt better this morning, but I wasn't too sure about driving, so we went in together. I hope it isn't anything too serious. :( But I'm better now. I think.

The workday went by in a daze. I still have so much work to do. But not as much pressure. Thank goodness! Oh, but I received some very nice thank you notes from the students who job shadowed me last week. Awwww! :) I should scan them and show them off. Maybe. Without their names, of course.

I think I want some ice cream.
Tags: poetry
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