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fly free

fly free
higher up the sky
skim across the clouds
feel the cool touch of mist
fast and light and sweet
head to the stars
beyond the bright blue
darkness beckoning
bursts of light entice
steady in the silence
safe in the chaos
floating free
high to the heavens

Last night was our last suite game of the season. Alas! And we're not sure if we're going to do the suite thing next year. I hope we do. I'm spoiled.

my ticket

Our fellow suite visitors were mostly the hubby's friends, so there was much drinking and eating. Sometimes it's nice having mostly boys in the suite. They eat more, which is very important. ;)

drinks on ice

The refrigerator wasn't working correctly, so our suite attendant brought in a bunch of ice for the drinks to sit in. I think most of the drinks were gone by the end of the game. LOL!

across the way

Two people from work were also at the game. They didn't come up to our suite. Probably because they were on the other end of the ballpark. :P But we did chat for a few minutes on the phone.

Zito stretching

It was quite possibly Zito's last game in home whites. :( I'm sad at the thought that he could be gone after the season ends. I cling to the hope that he will be back. But it's a foolish wish. Barry deserves what he can get out there and who am I to cry about it? Just a fan. A fan who wishes that some things weren't ruled by the bottom line. After all, they get freakin' PAID for playing a GAME.



Adam Melhuse and Marco Scutaro

Poor Melhuse, he never gets to play. Darn that fantastic catcher Jason Kendall. Can't he ever take a break? And Scutaro. Who knew that by game's end he would be the hero triumphant? ;)

Awww, such good buddies, eh?

Speaking of Jason Kendall...

He received an award.

Congrats Kendall!

I bet he was so happy to have all the attention like that. Not! LOL!

We had a bit of drama during the game. One of the workers came in and asked if anyone had a ticket with seat number 7. Umm, we're a freakin' suite genius! The seats aren't numbered. But our ticket do have numbers and we did have a ticket number 7. Coliseum worker dude told us to hold on and the boys deduced that we might get to play for the giveaway-- the GMC Drive It Outta the Park thing. Could you imagine winning a car?! Actually, it was a Tahoe. I totally wanted to go and get my mug flashed on Diamond Vision. But it was not to be. We were on a list of ten and they found the three they needed by the time they got to us. BUMMER!!! It was a nice thought though. LOL!

Zito's night ends

Zito had a good game, but ended up with a no decision. :( He left the game when it was tied. Alas. The A's ended up taking the lead at the bottom of the 8th, but Huston Street (dear me!) ended up blowing the save in the top of the 9th. Grrrr! And the game went on to the 12th.

bottom of the 12th

Scutaro won the game with a single!!! :D And the A's magic number was now...

magic number = 2


For more pictures (I took way too many), you can find them at my September 22 gallery.

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