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promises unbroken in dreams...

the memory comes to focus
a time not easily forgotten
perhaps merely left to sit
collecting dust in neglect
now shaken from the shelf
once more bright and new
flooding the senses again
reminding the heart of laughter
sparking scenes in reverie
finding a different ending
promises unbroken in dreams

CSI premieres in a little over an hour. :D Can't wait!

The A's won today. Magic number = 4. Glorious. Oh, and because it's inevitable that they will make the playoffs (PLEASE, OH BASEBALL GODS!!!), the hubby bought playoff tickets. WOOHOO!!! The only bummer? If the A's get to the World Series, we'll be in Hawaii. So our tickets are only for the first two series. May we get to use them. PLEASE, OH BASEBALL GODS!!!

I'm going to revamp my Erik Thomson site. I'm also going to move it to the MJazz domain because I have more room there. Maybe. We shall see. ;)

I mentioned Erik at work (about how he played Hades, etc.) and one of the VPs said, "Oh my god, I loved him!!!" I was surprised, in a most pleasant way. LOL! She also said that when she heard Kevin Smith ("Ares") died, she cried. So now I can share my Xena fanchick stuff with her! :D

I had four students shadow me today (two students for two different periods). It was kinda fun. I didn't do much work those two periods, but oh well! LOL!
Tags: a's, erik, poetry
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