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heading towards midnight...

heading towards midnight
silence descends
an invisible veil
demanding stillness
eyes straight to the stars
the earth hard against the back
the air cool with each breath
the wind a mere trace of sound
almost imperceptible save the whisper
soft and lulling comes night
the darkest moment
an odd comfort
slipping into dreams...

It's almost like two poems in one day. Of course, by the time I post this, it will be Saturday. Why am I still up? I can hear the hubby sleeping. I can hear my labrador snoring. It's a contest between the two of them. And the little dogs are quieter in their sleep.

Ohhhhh, free stuff at the iTunes store. I love free. I always "purchase" the free stuff when I see them. LOL! Crazy, eh? ;)

treo in green & gold
my Treo in green & gold

Cute, eh? :)

I switched my layout again. I like this one. It's pretty. And calm. :)

Oh, and does anyone want to try Vox? I still have plenty of invites!
Tags: babble, poetry, vox
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