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temptation in the night

you've stopped me
body so still
heartbeat skipped
just give me a moment
I'll recover soon enough
one breath slowly in
exhale silent out
my skin tingles with a chill
yet inside the blood flows
achingly warm
my smile is slow
I don't mean to be sly
I just don't believe
I've caught your eye
so forgive my laughter
just take my hand
lead me into the moonlight
let's taste temptation
in the night...

Will the pile on my desk ever grow smaller? I'm trying to keep despair at bay, I swear! Ugh.

My A's won. Groovy.

I thought the weather was supposed to start cooling down. I want double digit weather only! No more triple digits! Oh, I just looked at the forecast. Hmmm, can I believe a 20 degree or so drop in temps? I hope so.

I chatted with my sister today. I like when I can talk with her. I miss her. I'll see her in Hawaii next month for our niece's wedding celebration. :)

I like looking at the pictures under the plastic on my desk. The one with Huston seems to jump out at me. I think it's because he's wearing orange. Think?

reliving the moment with Street

Or maybe it's because he's just so adorable! :D

Saturday is my niece's bridal shower. I wonder if there's going to be entertainment. As in male entertainment. LOL! I'll bring my camera for sure. Just in case. Oh, and my Treo for those in the moment shots. ;)

And oh my goodness, we have the Blackberry Pearl in our possession! Let's say it together- SPOILED!!!

stock photo from the TMobile site
Tags: babble, poetry
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