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sweetest best in memory

sweetest best in memory
the sharper edges fade
the beauty shines with clarity
laughter like music in the shade
while the sun shines bright and hot
casting light upon the gentle water
the grass cool against the skin
while the moon rides full and silent
gliding through the stars
the breeze a mere whisper
where promises hold true
where love lingers embracing
sweetest best in memory...

The hubby found 5 GB of email and other storage!!! You can even POP3! But get this, if you turn on the ability to POP3, you get a footer at the end of your emails. Personally, I find the footers ANNOYING. (But if it's free, can't complain too much, eh?) One of the biggest reasons I LOVE Gmail is due to the fact that I don't have footers at the end of my emails. And I love that. Oh, and I can POP3 if I want. And I can now email from Gmail as my other email addys. It's all good. But it's always nice to discover new things.

The latest Apple news has me almost wanting new things. LOL! First off, movies on my iPod? Nice! I'm tempted, just a little, to buy Pirates of the Caribbean because it's one of my favorite flicks. But I have it on DVD and UMD, so I don't really need it, eh? Still, the thought of having that movie in the palm of my hand or in my purse at my beck and call just fills me with utter longing. Not really. LOL!

Oh, and the Blackberry Pearl came out. Goodness me! Just as I adore my Treo, so it is with the Blackberry. I always enjoy the whole Blackberry experience. The push email rocks. Anyhoo, the Pearl looks pretty sweet. I want to hold it in my hand. But would I trade in my SK3 for a Pearl? Hmmm, now there's the trick. ;)

In life news, I feel like I go to work and I don't get anything done. It's such a slow process and if I think about the other piles I have yet to work on, it almost kills me. Yikes! But I will get through it. Hopefully before I nut up. :D

My A's lost today. :(
Tags: poetry, tech freak chick
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