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darkness spilling from the depths...

darkness spilling from the depths
unbidden and dangerous
chanting vengeance
taunting weakness in passivity
retribution will follow
believe this remedy against the injustice
oh to pay in suffering
let it pierce true to the core
let it reveal clarity
then desperation and despair
then guilt and agony from the depths
spilling darkness harsh and cold
the cries answered only by silence...

In these moments of darkness, I am striving for the light, willing for balance. It's difficult. I believe that I must feel this darkness inside of me. I must give in, then let it go. I only hope I can let go before it's too late.

I want to say this-- I am so freakin' GRATEFUL for the WONDERFUL people in my life. They won't ever know how much I appreciate them. But I do. I am especially lucky because I actually LOVE my family. I'm actually FRIENDS with my sister and my cousins. And I know that we are in it for life. And not just because we're family, but because we understand that we can count on each other. I had to tell my sister and cousins that today and I almost cried.

And now I want to tell you, my friends. You know who you are. I am utterly grateful to have you all in my life as well. Sometimes I think you know me better than some because you actually read my words and understand me. You laugh with me and you encourage me. So from my heart, I thank you so much. And I love you all too. :)


So my recent Swisher thing hasn't just affected me. The fellow A's fan at work told me today that he was still so excited about his signed by Swisher jersey that he had a dream that the three of us (me, him, and Swish) were at a bar having drinks. Now I wouldn't mind having that dream come true. LOL! As the hubby said, like that would be a hard one to come true. Not! We'd just have to find Nick's bar. LOL!

after their win yesterday...

My A's will always make me feel better, even when they're not doing well. :)
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