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even silence seethes sweetness

Night takes over
I feel the touch of darkness
Caressing cool against my senses
Keeping me locked inside

Swaying with temptation
Wild whispers rise wicked
In moonlight's glow
Silver shadows gleam
Hiding secrets unrevealed
Even silence seethes sweetness
Resisting nothing to dreams...

Ohhhhh, I can order more prints of me with Swisher and Street here! LOL! I think both versions of the pictures are on the site but I can't really tell which is the one I already have. :P Goofy, eh?

Troy is on and we're watching it for some reason. :P It's times like these when I miss Xena and Hercules.

I think I'll not think of work for the whole weekend.

I want to be lazy.

I missed Swisher's grand slam! I think it happened before I came home from work. Oh well, still happy for him! ;) And woohoo for the A's!
Tags: poetry
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