Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

kickin' in your eyes

Nothing prepared me for this
I was caught by surprise
Charmed by the light
Kickin' in your eyes

Sweet smile on your lips
Warm touch of your skin
I still can't believe
Seeing you this close
Has done me in
Even now I think of it
Right beside you as if we fit...

I'm so ready for Friday. I hope no one comes to register their kids and I can get caught up with the pile festering on my desk. Ugh!

Like my poem?

the new phone
the Nokia N80

So that's my new phone. It's not really new. The hubby used it for a month or so. It's pretty sweet, eh? When he adds the data plan to my account, I'll send pictures from it. It's a 3 megapixel, just like my first digital camera. Ye gods!

We're watching Desire again. Are we really going to watch 13 weeks of this? LOL!
Tags: poetry
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