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wanting building

haunting me
taunting me
dreams or memories
I can't tell the difference
I only know this
when it's warm
I think of you
when night falls
I dream of you
when fantasies light up
you're the star that shines
taunting me
haunting me
wanting building up inside...

Whenever the hubby gets a new phone, I get to try out the one replaced. This time it's the Nokia N80. Nice! He got the V3x. Maybe I'll take a picture later. LOL!

I'm glad my A's won today. :)

We're doing the cheesy thing again today. Desire. It's so soap opera. LOL! But in HD. Nice.

I think I should make some Swisher icons. Dear me.

Football practice

De La Salle's field backs into our school. Neat, eh? ;)
Tags: poetry
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