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they stood together

she knew the time would come
they would stand together
locked in a moment brief
destined to last forever
smiles would shine on
without any thought of regret
eventually they would part
yet she will never forget
the moment came for them
they stood together in laughter
a memory to stand against time
lasting always and ever after...

with Nick Swisher

Yippee for the Tristar Show! I will always love the chance to take a picture with an A's player. This time was probably the best experience so far. For a photo op. LOL!

They actually had the photo ops early. We were out of there by 6pm, which was when I was supposed to take a picture with Huston. Instead, I had two pictures in my possession and a signed jersey. Sweetness.

NICK SWISHER - I think I was more excited to take a picture with Swish. I don't know why. Maybe it's the fact that I saw him play in Modesto back when the Single-A team was in Modesto. Or maybe it's his energy on the field. Or maybe all the nice stories I've heard about how he is with fans. Nick did not disappoint at all.

When he came around the corner, I was nicely surprised by his appearance. He is so much cuter in person. LOL! I was the third or fourth person to take a picture with him. He held his hand out and we said our hellos while shaking hands. Nice, firm grip. I asked how he was doing (or did he ask me first?). We set ourselves for the picture. I had my hand on his back and he had his on mine and the photographer took two shots. We shook hands again at the end of it and he said thank you to me. Awwww! Super cutie pie. :)

After my picture with Huston, I hurried to Swisher's autograph line. I had a friend's jersey in tow that he wanted signed. When I got up there, I had my camera ready and I took a few shots while he signed the jersey. When he was finished, he shook my hand again or something. I think he said thanks again. And I took a moment to tell him that we saw him when he was on the Modesto A's and how my hubby said, "That kid is going somewhere." Nick laughed at that one and then we said our good byes. :D

Nick signing the jersey

HUSTON STREET - What's not impressive about this young man? (He is a mere 23.) He was last year's AL Rookie of the Year. He's a fantastic closer. And he's freakin' young to boot! (Not that anyone should boot him. LOL!) And yet I wasn't as excited to take a picture with him as I was with Swisher. But Huston did not disappoint in any respect. What a lovely fella!

I was first in line for Huston. The Tristar fella positioned him and motioned me over. Huston held his hand out and introduced himself with, "Hi, I'm Huston." We shook hands and I told him my name. We both faced the photographer, but he wasn't there! So I asked him how he was doing and he said that he's working on getting healthy, etc. I asked if he knew when he was coming back and he's thinking within 7-10 days. I said something like hopefully in time for my next game. The photographer appeared and he took two shots. Huston and I shook hands once more, saying something like how nice it was to meet, etc.


Oh, should I mention that I think his girlfriend was there? She was behind the photographer, facing us. She had an amused smile on her face when I passed by. :P She was cute, like Huston. I can't say whether she is in fact his gf, but let's just say. LOL!

Street signing

Perhaps I should have taken more pictures of the boys, but I had too many things in my hand and I really just wanted to leave. LOL! But I have to say again, they are so sweet!!! And the picture of me with Swisher just doesn't do him justice. Believe me. I mean it. :) Oh, and I'm glad I wore black, especially in light of Huston's shirt. I don't think we would have looked as nice if I had worn any other color. LOL!

Oh, and I thought about this later: In all the years previous that I've gone to the shows and had photo ops, this was the first time I'd really chatted a bit with the fellas. I think I spoke more to Huston in that minute or so than I ever did with Mulder! And probably the same with Swisher! Crazy, just crazy! LOL!

For more pictures, I've put a few up from both my camera and my Treo. You can see them at The Tristar Show 2006.
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