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flickr problems

Flickr isn't working right! Well, you can't upload by email or phone, which almost defeats its whole purpose for me. :( I hope they fix it by tonight, but I doubt it. And I so wanted to post pictures from the Tristar Show today! Oh well, I guess I will have to wait until I get home and off-load from the SD card in my camera. Sucky!

I tried checking my other photoblogging sites and none will post directly to my blog sites, like LiveJournal or my Word Press blog. :( I know I can send photos directly to this LJ, but it's not as easy or pretty as Flickr.

I'll probably post pictures to my Vox. So later in the day, check out the the kiari vox for pictures posted from the Tristar Show. :D

And since I mentioned Vox, would anyone like an invite? It's pretty neat-oh. And free! LOL! Email me at my livejournal account. :)
Tags: tech freak chick, vox
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