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there's a secret

there's a secret
I'll never tell
there's a secret
I know so well
buried so deep
hiding inside
something to keep
locked in tight
there's a secret
floating out there
there's a secret
whispering in the air
listen hard
let the senses wander
it could be far
or close enough to ponder
there's a secret
I can never tell
there's a secret
I know all too well...

last night's fireworks

I must confess, I didn't pay much attention to the game last night. I was just glad to be in our suite amongst family and friends. I hope everyone had a good time! :D

the men in white shoes

The A's won, which is ALWAYS a good thing. I love when they win. Makes me feel good. LOL!

with friends

with family

The fireworks afterwards were FANTASTIC!!! Kinda scary too. But wondrous! I love fireworks. It's like a long moment of wild, chaotic perfection.

I have more pictures at my site. Want to see? A's vs. Orioles, Sept 1

I'm trying out a new layout! One of the Voxy ones. It's cool. Now I wonder if I can add a top banner to make it more customized. Hmmm. ;)
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