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secrets slipping

innocence slipping
the world begins its change
the colors richer
the air new and strange
mystery unfolding
the spark begins to glow
the warmth spreads
like the wind that blows
secrets slipping
questions at every turn
so many possiblities
so much is left to yearn

My inspiration sputtered towards the end of that one. Oh well!

I have a work story to tell. Maybe I'll tell it this weekend. Let's just say someone is going to get in trouble! And it's not a student. LOL! ;)

Tomorrow is Firework's Night after the game! Oh, and the game before that! I'm excited. I'll take pictures of the food. Nachos! Hot dogs! Sliders! We're a full house tomorrow night. Hopefully people eat! :D

On Sunday, we're going to the Tristar Show. Woohoo! The other A's fan at work wants me to get an autograph for him. From Swisher. So then Swisher can consider me some kind of freak girl because I'm going to take a picture with him and then get his autograph. Oh well. LOL! ;)
Tags: poetry
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