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string me along

string me along
with sweet whispers
warm against my ear
promise the world
at my fingertips
with nothing to fear
pretend I'm everything
the one you need
the one that you revere
keep me alive
with just a touch of you
so far and yet so near
string me along
in moonlight
or with skies so clear
give me the world
with complete surrender
such music to my ears...

Today was the first day of school. It seemed better than the end of last week. I'm still pining away for Friday though. ;)

I'm addicted to Puzzle Bobble.

I got the new case for my Treo!!! I should take a picture of it. It's super sweet and has the following engraved on the leather:

"the green fields
beckon sweet
of summer"

I wrote it. I'm a nerd. I'll try to remember to take a picture of it.
Tags: poetry
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