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savor these moments

i savor these moments
quiet and perfect
needing nothing
wanting nothing
everything just right
the air cool
my skin warm
just the wind blowing soft
just the skies clear and blue

I'm actually watching the game and the A's are going to freakin' lose. Not right! Darn it. At leat the Cardinals are winning. At the moment.

The husband is doing the fantasy football thing. It's draft time, hence me home alone. Ah well. I should take a nap or something since Holli woke me up early. Darn that dog!

Swisher is up. I hope he hits the ball... Oh well, game off! They lost. :(

I get to take a picture with Swisher this time next week. Yah! LOL! I always look at the bright side of things. ;)
Tags: poetry
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