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slowing down

here is the light
the comfort of time
slowing down
easing back
here is the quiet
the moment of rest
just enough to stop
just enough to breathe
let the light overwhelm
let the quiet swell
take it all away
leave nothing it its wake
just oblivion so sweet
and a delicious kind of weak...

I cannot believe how much I'm glad that it's FRIDAY. It has to get better, right? The last two days have been the most trying of my early days at the school. Walk through was a NIGHTMARE but I managed to keep calm, I think. I hate that overwhelming feeling. And I got so tired after almost twelve hours of work! I didn't eat my lunch until almost 4pm, which is my usual time to leave. Now how is that for crazy? It's AMAZING how many people don't register their children until almost the first day of school. Hullo, keep track of things! I'm sure in the scheme of things, it really wasn't a whole percentage of unenrolled students, but when they come all at once, it's crazy.

And don't let me get started on the people who can't/won't speak English. I'll leave that to a f-locked post.

Today I had a training class and it ended up with just me there with the instructors! It was nice, really. It was more chit chatty and not so formal and I got to ask questions and stuff. I think I came away with a better understanding of our quite outdated program. LOL! And then I got to eat lunch with the hubby! :D We had Red Robin. Yummmm!

Red Robin drinks
Freckled Lemonade and Iced Tea

Back at school, I tried to catch up on my work and got some help. THANK YOU!!! And for some reason, I had parents trying to register after hours. I had to stay until 4:30pm. Ugh!

Bits of fun:

  • Yesterday I was at the light to turn left into the school and a car was waiting for his green to turn left on my right. Well, instead of waiting, he decided to take the left turn on red because it was clear but still green. He took it just as a motorcycle cop was coming up to the intersection. I watched Mr. Motorbike Cop look up at the light and as he passed us, I watched him in my sideview and on came his lights. Supersweet! Dumbass. :D

  • I took the Willow Pass exit today and stopped at the light to turn right. An SUV was in front of me (we were in the left lane of the two lanes that turn right). The sign under the light in front of us says "NO TURN ON RED." The light was red. The stupid SUV driver in front of me looked to her left, then took the turn. On red. Even though the sign clearly says "NO TURN ON RED." I crawled to the line just as another Mr. Motorbike Cop crossed the intersection. My light turned green and I went to the next light, this time to turn left. There sat Mr. Motorbike Cop, right behind stupid SUV driver. He followed her into her next turn and I knew he had her as I went along my merry way. It's so lovely seeing justice at work. Yah!

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