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i never believed

i never believed
our vows were shackles
i never believed
our bond a burden
when i gave my heart to you
i believed you gave yours too
when i promised forever
i believed we'd stay together
i opened my heart
to the concept of always
i opened my life
to more than just a phase
i was ready for this step
to take it on hand in hand
i was ready for this journey
the moment i slipped on the band
but now it's over
slapped back against my soul
and now i have nothing
just time passing cold
i never believed
we would come to this break
i will never believe
this was all a mistake...

The opening lines haunted me on the way to work. I was hoping I'd remember them and be able to add more. So there it is. :)

Oh my, PRISON BREAK. Yowsa!

And I got suckered into watching Vanished. I'm intrigued. Darn it!!!
Tags: poetry
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