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TWITL – week forty – little delights

We had a heatwave this week. The weather does not care that it’s now October. Oh no, we had triple digit temperatures or very close to for a few days. I would really love cooler weather. You know, the kind of weather where sweaters and light jackets are necessary would be super right now. I have this jacket vest I really like to wear…

When I turn on my work computer, I sometimes (well, most of the time) take a picture of my monitors because of the wallpapers. I usually end up posting the photo to my IG story with the caption “Starting the day with…” and I tag the people in the photo. Most of the time it’s my fellas but Sabina is often featured as well. I always hope that it brings a smile to the people tagged.

On Friday, I posted the above to my IG story. Henry Cavill probably never checks out his mentions. Well, he’s never looked at mine. (Not that I expect him to look. No, really.) Simon Kassianides does happen upon my posts now and then but he doesn’t usually say anything. On Friday, however, I received a notification that stopped me.

wait, what?
he mentioned me in his story?!

Umm, Simon mentioned me in his story?! Wait, what?! Yes, those were the thoughts going through my head. I did NOT immediately check out his IG story because I didn’t want to be too keen because if I looked, I’d have to comment of sorts and I wanted to be cool about it. Good thing for me, I have an app where I can check out IG stories without being “seen” and sneaky me did just that.

as seen on Simon's IG story
2nd to mum

When I saw his post, I gave that little fangirl squeal. Because what does a fangirl want the most from her favorite? Well, this fangirl LOVES a little attention thrown her way. And lo, that’s some kind of attention! It’s lovely and made me laugh a little. So I’m only second to his mum? I will take it. I’m in great company. Oh, and OF COURSE I had to post again to my IG story.

2nd to Mum
because of course I had to respond

I’m such an easy fangirl. I didn’t want to make a big deal about it but in my head, it’s a bit of a big deal. Again, I’m easy like that. I think it’s very sweet of Simon to give me a shout-out like that. I appreciate it and of course, it makes me like him even more.


National Novel Writing Month – I’m still not sure which story to write for NaNoWriMo. I was almost committed to one story but now I’m considering a different story. I need to choose soon so that I can figure out some basic plot points. The only thing I do know is that I’m writing a romance novel. I do so love writing romance novels…


  • Ballot received! I will be filling it out and submitting it this week. VOTE, people, VOTE.
  • I went to the salon on Saturday for the eyebrow wax. FINALLY! It’s been MONTHS. Good thing I wear bangs.
  • 1888 Design is having a sale (checkout code THANKUALL) and OF COURSE I had to buy another piece. One day, I’ll count how many I have and be slightly appalled. And then not because people compliment me on the pieces whenever I wear them and I love to tell them where to find their own unique pieces.
  • It’s Fall Break! In this weird time, it’s only one week as opposed to two. I’m taking Monday and Friday off from work. Two long weekends for me, yes!
  • And the Niners just lost tonight’s game. BALLS.
  • Caught the tail end of the Farmers Market on Saturday and had a couple of mimosas, mini doughnuts, sliders, a pint of beer. Restaurants are allowed to have 25% indoor capacity so we ate at the new spot downtown. It’s such a cool place. Can’t wait until they can be open at full capacity.
  • Ted Lasso – Such a good show! All episodes are now up on Apple TV+. I really enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I hope that if they do a second season, it’s as lovely as the first.
  • Lovecraft Country – Holy cow, the latest episode was crazy and gory and a bit scary. I was jumpy through some of it. Ye gods!
  • The Boys – We finally started watching the second season. I don’t know why I love how insane it is, but I do. I also love seeing Karl Urban work. It’s been such a treat following his career.
Saturday goodness
mini doughnuts and a mimosa
sliders at Imperiale Beer Project

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