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TWITL – week thirty-five – rest in power

This world is at such a crossroads. Hit after hit after hit and you just keep going. You work, you play, you love, you laugh, you cry, you break, you remember, you mend, you live. Above all, you live. You wake up, you take a deep breath, you hold on to that peace just a moment longer, then you start your day, you start a new moment of your life.

Chadwick Boseman’s passing has hit me hard. I think it’s very much an echo of my friend Joselyn’s passing. I think of how they both died of cancer, how they both said nothing to the world at large, powering through in private as neither of them wanted to be defined by cancer. I cried for Joselyn because she was part of my life, a voice I heard almost everyday, our moments pieces of sunshine in my daily life. The choke of tears for Chadwick were for a reminder of Joselyn’s passing as well as his.

Avengers: Infinity War

Black Panther will be the one movie of his that had impact for me. I’m sure I’ll get to his other movies in due time but MCU chick that I am, Black Panther is it for me. I felt such a connection with that movie. I felt the dignity, the power, the magnificence, the truth of the world of Wakanda. I wanted it it to exist. I wanted to visit such a place. I wanted to it to be real. I wanted a leader like T’Challa– a person of wisdom and humanity, always good-intentioned but with faults yet always willing to learn and grow.

My heart and love to his family and friends. As a fan, I am heartbroken that I will not see him take the mantle of Black Panther again. As a human, I am sad that such a light has been dimmed far too soon.


Rest in power, King. May a sliver of your grace live on in all of us…


Now on to a cautiously positive note, my friends and I might have an opportunity that I can’t quite discuss yet. Do I say more, drop hints? No, I think not. I will say that I wish I were more tech savvy as far as video editing and such. It seems like it should be an easy thing but when you don’t have the right tools or background, it can seem quite daunting…


Cobra Kai (Netflix) – Yes, this show is on Netflix! We have already watched through season one and we’re in the middle or so of season two. It’s a good show, especially if you grew up in the 80s and saw The Karate Kid when it came out. Flawed characters and misunderstandings abound, which of course makes for good drama…

Lovecraft Country (HBO) – Super fantastical show. It’s freaky and intriguing. I definitely recommend it. The supernatural elements combined with the racial tensions gives the drama an extra layer…


Rogue (digital retail) – This MJ Bassett movie was action packed, filled with explosions and moments of heart. I enjoyed it well enough. Megan Fox was pretty good in it and Philip Winchester seemed to be having a good time in the role. When it hits your favorite streaming service, give it a watch…

weekend hair
weekend hair


  • My niece’s birthday was Friday. She’s 11. ELEVEN! Where has the time gone? Seriously, I must know. She is smart, inquisitive, athletic, and curious. I love her very much and wish that we didn’t live so far away…
  • On Saturday we went out again in the late morning and I had a couple of mimosas and then a cider. Add in some Taco Bell and my nap later in the day entertained with super weird dreams…
  • My suspension of disbelief is breaking. Why has it taken so long? What does this mean? I accept that the films and television of my youth were never really representative of me in terms of race and ethnicity. I absorbed so much of it that in my head, it’s the default so watching something mostly Asian or black or Latino seemed different. I’m changing now. I want more. Why is the current state of entertainment like this now? Why is there backlash if a comic book character is played by anything other than a white person? Or hell, if a comic book character is re-invented as a different race? Why is it considered lip service or catering to PC types to have a person of color cast in a production? Is it my fault for watching certain kind of shows or movies that they’re usually mostly cast by white actors? These are things I’ve begun to ponder…
out and about

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