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TWITL – week thirty-three – first week of school

The first week of school was certainly much different than in previous years but we still received a lot of phone calls and questions. It’s just that this time much of the questions were technology based. I tried to be as helpful as possible. It was certainly quite interesting.

Friday temps

We’re in the triple digits right now and last night (Saturday night), we had thunderstorms. We even had rain this morning. Oh, this wild, summer weather. I hope it doesn’t last too long…

CPN - 08-15-20
CPN chat Saturday night

Thank goodness for Aleks Paunovic! Because of him, I have these lovely friends from different points in the world and we can sit down and video chat for HOURS on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. Our mutual adoration for him brought us together but our friendship binds us. I do adore these amazing women and I’m so glad we’re getting to know each other even better with these chats. My lovelies, it is possible to befriend amazing people from afar and become friends. And I am so grateful…


Well, Super Rugby Aotearoa ended this weekend. The Crusaders and Blues weren’t able to play their match because of Auckland’s lockdown and the Highlanders and Hurricanes played their match without the fans in the stands. I was bummed to not see the Crusaders play their last game but I was glad for the season they did have so I shall not complain too much…


The A’s have been having a great season so far. They swept the Giants this weekend, which I won’t gloat about too much. It’s nice to see the A’s win, no matter who their opponent is.

mmm, sushi
Sushi goodness

I love being able to order sushi for take out. So spoiled, I know! It’s such a great way to try out different restaurants in the area and I’m always glad to try out sushi. The other night I ordered from Enishi Kitchen (meal pictured above) and it’s probably my favorite because the restaurant is basically around the corner and so arrives to me so fresh. Again, I know, I’m super spoiled.

reading a book
the latest book I’m reading…

I’m reading Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. Yes, I was inspired to read it after watching the musical Hamilton. I need to read more. Rather, I need to actual finish the books I start to read. I think I’m going to finish this one…

this nine
this nine

So many birthdays in August in my family, as well as with my fellas! The pattern above shows four people with birthdays these past couple of weeks. It’s fun to see how many I remember. Simon saw my IG story wish him Happy Birthday and he might have liked my comment on his post? Charles replied to my tweet, which was so lovely of him. I love when the fellas respond! And yes, I know I’m lucky when they do…


  • Chocolate chip bagels – Who knew that was a thing?
  • Thunder and Lightning means Thor was visiting us, right?
  • Good books can still draw me in…
  • Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ is funny and touching and intriguing…
  • The Great on Hulu might have me half hooked…
  • I now own the Blindspot series on digital because the seasons are on sale on Vudu…
  • I have a bit of poetry that starts “the blush of youth is mere memory upon my cheek” or something like that…
  • Asian Americans on PBS is fantastic! We watched three episodes and DVR’d the last two. Can’t wait to finish it!
  • Lovecraft Country on HBO was fantastic! I’m already hooked and I’ve only seen one episode so far!
  • The next iPhone needs to be super fantastic because I might have to really consider going Android…

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