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TWITL – week thirty-one – it’s already August?


Jojo Rabbit – Is it weird to say that a movie about a young boy indoctrinated by Nazi ideology is rather sweet and heartfelt? I enjoyed this movie very much. It was funny and ridiculous and gut-wrenching and hopeful. Very well done…

Doctor Sleep – We watched the director’s cut of this movie, which added about thirty minutes to the theatrical version. We hadn’t seen the movie at release so not sure what was extraneous but I was hooked throughout the whole movie. Sure, three hours for a movie is a long time, but oddly enough, it never seemed too slow in parts. I thought it did a good job of explaining the past and incorporating The Shining in parts.

Thor: The Dark World
Thor: The Dark World

Friday was my last day off during summer break. I feel like I should have taken more days off but such is life, I suppose. I don’t even know what it’s going to be like when school finally starts again. What will work be like? It’s not going to be the same. I wonder sometimes, will it ever be the same?

this pattern
this pattern

I have done so many screenshots since the whole Besotted by Chris adventure started. It’s been fun. I feel like I’m staying out of trouble of sorts. It certainly gives me something to do. Being such a fan girl is a lovely distraction from so many things.

I also did screenshots from Fringe. Nope, still haven’t quite let go of Listworthy 5. I am still posting to our fan IG as well as the twitter. I know I need to let go but it’s not as easy thing. I’m not sure why…

for my collection
for the collection

My latest Funko arrived this week. Thor! Of course. I also finally received my Wonder Woman face mask from Love Your Melon. I’ll have to wear that one soon. I have another Funko order on its way– The Child from The Mandalorian. Very excited about that one. I bought two so that I can take one out of the box. Yes, I’m one of those people…

Let’s end this with one from Knives Out. Chris Evans and the sweater.

Knives Out

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