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TWITL – week six – the blur of the week

Work just seemed a grind this week. So much data entry and such. I don’t mind it so much but at the end of the day, it was just nice to not do anything. And the hubby was away for work, so the nights at home were quiet. I took advantage and had sushi one night. I was so glad for the weekend…

this pattern
how long can I do this pattern?


Sam Hunt announced his new album Southside and a tour! Tickets go on sale this coming week and I would like to buy tickets but…

Tyler Rich announced his first headling tour! It’s a west coast swing and of course I had to buy tickets when they went on sale on Friday. I am so excited!

Okay, yes, I am very excited about Sam Hunt’s album and tour. It feels like FOREVER since I’ve felt that wonder and excitement about his music. In a few days, it’ll be five years since the first time I noticed Sam. His song, “Take Your Time,” was playing and I just had to Shazam it. And so it began. I had finally “discovered” Sam Hunt and the world opened up in countless ways…

episode 8
it’s time for that rewatch of The Witcher

I finished up my screencaps of The Witcher, which means it’s time for a re-watch of the series. After my re-watch, I’m probably going to read the next book while listening to the soundtrack on random. That’s my plan and I’m sure it’s not even going to hold me over until the second season but such is life…

Tyler on tour!
Tyler’s tour dates…

If you live on the west coast, check out Tyler’s show!

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