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TWITL – week five – winter days

I can’t believe January 2020 has already come to an end. Now begins my busiest month of the year at work. Transfers and transfers and more transfers! I’ll have to say the same thing every day at least ten times a day if not more. Oh, and I must not sound as if it’s the umpteenth time I’m saying that same thing. So challenging but something I don’t really mind. For all the people who think I don’t do anything (because apparently judging my work load when one doesn’t know what my actual work load is something that happens), if they’re paying attention, they’ll get a glimpse of what I do. Here’s to a busy February!

The Nine
I cannot stop with the pattern…


The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern
I’m not sure why I borrowed this book from the library but I’m glad I did because it was a lovely and magical read. I enjoyed it very much and would definitely recommend it.


Flickr – I have been a Pro subscriber to Flickr for the longest time and at the original $24.99 year, it was a steal. The price went up last year to $49.99 and it’s still a good deal. The prices have gone up yet again this year but I can lock down the previous price if I renew now. It’s getting annoying but I still believe that Flickr is a great photo site and it would be such a pain to move all my photos to another site and then have my blog show broken links if I cancel my Flickr subscription. I’m going to renew but I am so not happy about it…

GroupMe – Since Google Hangouts is set to end by summer, my friends and I decided we should try a new chat service. It needed to be cross platform and web browser accessible. We switched to GroupMe, which serves its purpose of keeping us connected whether we use the computer to chat or our phones. This chat service is rather simple and bare bones…

Telegram – I am enjoying this chat messaging service more than GroupMe and I was hoping our group would use it. It offers a bit more customization and just looks nicer (to me). I was able to get two of my friends to try it out and when we want to talk one-on-one, we usually end up using Telegram. I’m trying to figure out how to get my sister and cousins to use it for our group chat because I find it a pain to type on the phone. I’d rather use a keyboard (which yes, I could do if I used the iPad for our chats but I’m not always on the iPad but I’m likely to be on the computer).

iPhone woes – Apparently I’m getting close to using most of my phone storage and much of it is because of the amount of photos I have saved on it. Yes, I know, back it up! So I’m attempting to do that now and for some reason my home computer was not readily reading my iPhone for photos and videos but now it is and I’m going to try and import my media over when I actually don’t have the time to do so. How annoying is that? Why didn’t I try this yesterday (Saturday) when I was home not doing much? Alas. I think I’d better hold off until later…


Henry and a sword from The Witcher

Henry Cavill – I’ve liked Henry since I saw him in Man of Steel. I’ve followed his career since then and have enjoyed him in much of his work. He’ll never be one of my Listworthy (he’s too popular for that) but he is on my List. He’s been such a constant in my fangirl life– I’ve used him in so many of my stories as the main male character. He’s the best book boyfriend! My friend has met him and found him to be down to earth and gracious and I trust her judgement of him. For some reason (well, I know the reason but I’ll leave it to your imagination), my fangirl eye has focused on him a bit more intently in recent days. Was it The Witcher? Perhaps so. Or perhaps it was just time for me to actively adore him. And adore him I do. I love that he has geeky tendencies and he’s easy on the eyes. (Like so very damn easy on the eyes.) I’m very glad there is a second season of The Witcher for our viewing pleasure and I’ll probably end up watching the first season at least two more times.

Jack is down under
Jack is down under…

Jack Whitehall – I am so close to declaring Jack as one of my Listworthy. He’s on my List to be sure but I hesitate to actually write all the reasons I adore him. Isn’t it enough that I post a shot of him every weekday (and sometimes once during the weekend)? Isn’t it enough that I retweet his tweets? Isn’t it enough that I do screenshots of him whenever I see new videos online? Isn’t it enough that I’m doing a slow watch of his show Bad Education before moving on to the other stuff I have of his to watch? Isn’t it enough that I’ve listened to his live album on iTunes several times over and I still laugh at the same parts? And isn’t it enough that he’s the main fella of the current story I’m writing, which I’ve been writing since June of last year? (He was also the main fella in my November novel, which was a prequel of my current story.) I think all of that is enough. Maybe if I’m still into him so fervently at the year mark, I’ll make him my first Listworthy of this decade. We shall see…

this beautiful sky


Super Rugby – The Super Rugby season has begun! I was so excited about it that I wore my Crusaders jersey on Friday to work, albeit under my hoodie. The Crusaders won over the Waratah, 43-25, on (our) Friday night/(their) Saturday. I was able to watch it (THANK YOU, ESPN) and there are a lot of new faces for me this season. They’re off to a great start and I’ll be watching as much as I can…

Super Bowl LIV – It’s the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. I am, of course, cheering for the 49ers because they’ve been my team since I was a kid. I know I don’t talk about football much but I do enjoy the game well enough to sit there on Sundays watching the Red Zone while the hubby keeps track of his fantasy football league and the players’ stats. I am so stoked for the 49ers as well as nervous. I think it’ll be a good game (and I’ll probably post this after the game so either my next paragraph will be super hyped or bummed and resigned. Let’s hope for super hyped!)

And alas, bummed and resigned I am. I am so disappointed but I know that later I’ll be proud of the 49ers for giving us such a fantastic season. Only one team was better than them. Yes, it was hard watching that last quarter. I felt so stressed then dejected. Now, a couple of hours later, I just feel utterly resigned. It’ll get better, I know. The playoffs were so exciting. I’m grateful they were in the Super Bowl. They just need to be a little bit better next season because they were so close this time around. This won’t be the last time they’re in the Super Bowl…

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