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just need a swing

just need a swing
in this game
a sway to entice
a wink to the stars
hiding a prayer
one sliver of maybe
one hint of yes
anything can happen
at chance's behest...

I only "worked" for four hours, but after lunch was a four hour training thing. So really, I had work stuff for 9 hours. Ugh. Still, it was nice getting away from the office on a Friday. ;) And I met some people I've talked to on the phone. Always interesting.

The A's lost both games of a doubleheader today, hence my disappointed mood. But I'll get over it soon enough. I usually do. :P

I am enjoying my new Treo, btw. Tis super spiffy! My Sidekick is becoming a bit neglected but yes, I'm still carrying it. LOL! It's okay to say I'm spoiled. 'Cause I am.

Why do I always forget what I want to write when I finally have a chance to write? MADNESS!
Tags: poetry
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