Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

TWITL – week twenty – sick days and a touch of drama

So I’m in the middle of a slight fever, stuffy nose, plugged ears situation so if this post is addled, now you know why…

A cider at Brentwood Craft Beer and Cider
a cider at Brentwood Craft Beer & Cider

So wow, fangirl drama. How much do I wish I could just let it all out right now? SO MUCH. Suffice to say that yes, even with time and experience behind you, you will still meet people who will utterly betray you and your friends for their own selfish gains while accusing you of selfish intentions. Yes, that really happened. And just to be clear, this is not music oriented (most of my fellow music fans have been nothing but amazing). I suppose this is the risk of banding together with fellow fans to create a place for other fans– some people just aren’t in it for the same reasons as you.

Now I wonder what damage has been done to our endeavor. Will we be given the benefit of the doubt or has the person who began the drama ruined our good intentions? Only time will tell…

we shall see...
yes, we shall see…

I can’t believe I went all winter without getting sick and now I’ve got the whole plugged ears, stuffy nose, hacking cough thing now. I’ve spent the whole weekend trying to get better but we shall see how I feel tomorrow. I hope I’m well enough to go to work…


Game of Thrones – So, it’s over. We watched the season finale and I’ve had a little time to process it and I will say that I thought it was a good ending. The whole season was an ending, wasn’t it? Looking at it that way, maybe those people complaining would re-think a few things… I think it ended the way it needed to end…

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