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TWITL – week sixteen – quarter of a century

This past week marked our 25th anniversary. It’s rather amazing to be married this long. Marriage is love and joy and work. Yes, work. But it’s the best kind of work. We’ve had more good days than bad and I would not trade any of it. I seriously count myself as lucky to have such a wonderful husband. He puts up with a lot of my nonsense and he loves me. I do love him so very much. My one and only…

anniversary appetizers
anniversary appetizers

We had dinner at Black Angus for our anniversary. It was delicious and lowkey as we both worked that day. We had appetizers, salad, the main entree, and dessert– I was so full by the end of it!

pretty flowers
spring flowers

I’ve been taking pictures of the flowers I’ve been seeing during my day. So may pretty little blooms! I think it’s important to appreciate the beauty that exists in the world. It’s there if you just let it shine for you…

my new Tyler Rich cap
my new Tyler Rich cap

My latest Tyler Rich purchase! This is my third Tyler baseball cap. I like it! It’s sort of killing me not knowing when we’re going to see him again but I do know that we will see each other again. I’m so glad my friends/fellow fans are sharing their video clips and pictures. I miss him though. I want to be in the crowd singing his songs with everyone else. It’s such magic even just hearing it in those videos online…


Game of Thrones – I’ve been laughing a lot more since the season opened. I think it’s because we know these characters so much. This second episode of this last season felt like a lot more placing of pieces for the next big action sequence. I know that all these characters will not survive to the end and I am savoring every moment with them. I hope we get an episode with more focus on the Night King, something more substantial than the hints here and there we’ve had in the past seasons. Who was he? What is his objective?… I did like the song at the end. So pretty…


Just the other night, I started thinking of a scene for a story that I haven’t started writing. Why does this always happen? Why can’t I focus on the stories I’ve already started writing? So maddening!…

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