Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

TWITL – week fourteen – sweet spring

I don’t know why I wait to write on Sunday nights. I think back on the week and don’t remember so much. Is it a blessing of sorts? Is it just the lull of the season?


Blindspot – Finally caught up. I still enjoy the show and its twists and turns. I like that the Weller marriage is grounded in experience and emotion and they don’t show the romantic stuff so much…

Grisse – We’re watching this one right now. It’s interesting! I wonder how it will end…

Warrior – Now that Strike Back has ended its season, this new show has begun. We’ve watched the first episode and I like it!

Random musings

I read a book this week. I should probably read more. Maybe it’ll help with my writing… My Muse is keeping me guessing on what to write next for my story. So frustrating!… Farmers Market on Saturday meant a couple of mimosas for me!…

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Tags: twitl
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