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TWITL – week thirty-four – cooler days and #CrazyRichAsians

The temperatures have slightly cooled to the more tolerable (to me) 80s or so. THANK GOODNESS. I am absolutely ready for days cool enough for hoodies in the morning at the very least. I seriously do not care for temperatures in the upper 90s. Not at all…


Crazy Rich Asians – Such a good movie! I loved it. It really was wonderful watching a movie filled with Asians telling a story anyone could understand. Could I relate to the wealthy stuff? Umm, no. But I could definitely relate to the different aspects of family and how complicated those relationships are. It’s a fun movie with laughs and love and drama. I would definitely recommend it. Go watch!

Out and about in the jersey

After the movie, we headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and football. I wore my new 49er jersey! Kinda love it a lot. OF COURSE someone had to make a comment as they walked by me while we were at the restaurant. I get it, you might not be a 49er fan but why would you make what amounts to a stupid comment in support of a team that wasn’t even playing at the moment? Snicker to yourself or whatever but why be snide when no one was talking to you or even cared about your preference? Some people are just asses…

I had a dream that I was hanging out with Tyler Rich and I wanted to show him the picture of me in my jersey and I couldn’t find the pictures on my phone. So maddening! It felt real and not finding the pictures frustrated me…

And speaking of Tyler, his self-titled EP is set to drop on September 21st! I’m so excited!!!

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