Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

TWITL – week thirty-three – when it’s a blur

Every time I sit down to write my blog, I don’t remember what I might want to write for the week. It’s just all a blur. So let’s go random babblings…

Batman has his eye on me

Flashpoint – We’ve been re-watching this show. It is SO GOOD. And even though I remember a lot of the episodes, I’ve forgotten a lot of details so it’s like watching a new show. It’s on Hulu and I definitely recommend it. It has action and heart and it’ll make you almost cry sometimes…

Deadpool 2 – Super Duper Cut – We received our 4K disc and watched the digital version last night. The extra fifteen minutes fit seamlessly into the movie and even though I noticed some new bits, they did not detract from the film or change the tone at all. And the movie is still pretty good…

Me, a little moody

I like when my selfies turn out nicely. It’s obviously about angles and filters. And apparently a bit of moodiness? I posted a version of the one above on Instagram and it got some likes, which is always nice…

The minivan is out of the garage, battery charged, and washed. We took it to the Prime Shine in Tracy. I love taking the vehicles through the Prime Shine. Why don’t we have any around here?…

Tyler did a couple of shows north of here and we didn’t get to go to any of them. I love seeing all the pictures and videos. I especially loved the videos and pictures of Tyler getting his latest tattoo! Can’t wait to see a proper picture of it. Of course it made me want my next tattoo. I just don’t know where or what my next tattoo will be…

Oh, and my All Blacks won their first game of The Rugby Championship! I woke up at almost 3 am to watch the match against the Wallabies. I love my rugby!

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