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25 February 2018 @ 09:10 pm
TWITL – week eight – wintery week & HBD to @TylerRichMusic #TheDifference  

It actually felt like winter this week. I LOVE when the highs barely reach the 60s. I like wearing sweaters and jackets and hoodies and beanies and gloves. Our winters are never very long or very cold so I tend to enjoy the touch of winter.

I stayed up on Friday night to watch my Crusaders! I’m so glad the Super Rugby season has begun. And I’m very glad that the Crusaders won their first match. Yah! I think I need to get to know the team again. I saw more than few unfamiliar faces…

Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

Saturday was Tyler’s birthday. I wished him a HBD on the socials then wore one of my Tyler Rich shirts to commemorate his 32nd year on this earth. We drove up north for a visit and we were probably not too far from Tyler as he spent time with his family and friends. When we stopped off at Knee Deep Brewing Co, I thought how funny it would be if he was there. He wasn’t, of course. We were having dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory when I read that Tyler was going to be celebrating his birthday and the release of his single at Goldfield that night. It was a passing thought to head back to Sacramento…

Strike Back – We caught up on the new season! We are four episodes in here in the US but the UK is almost finished. I can’t wait to see Scott and Stonebridge!!! But I will have to wait. I’m just way too anxious, I tell ya.

We’re talking about perhaps going out to Turlock to see Tyler on Tuesday. Think we’ll go? You’ll find out next week. Ha!

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