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TWITL – week five – writer’s pause

I think I’ve officially hit that “pause” in my writing. None of my stories are really calling to me and I suppose I’m meant to step back and just think of other things…

My busy time of work started this week. It hasn’t been too bad so far. I am trying to remember to practice a positive and pleasant demeanor even as I answer the same questions over and over. The real challenge is keeping everything organized and such. I have gotten particular about the way I want to keep things…

Girl Scout cookies! There are a couple of people at work selling cookies and I managed to not buy any during the week. Then we went out yesterday and there were Girl Scouts in front of the place we visited and I just had to buy a few boxes before we left. No worries, I’ll buy from the people I know as well. I just love the Savannah Smiles much too much…

Twitter frustrations! For some reason, I stopped receiving SMS notifications from Twitter. I don’t know if it’s the short code not working or if it’s my carrier. My carrier has cleared the lines twice (or so they tell me) but still NOTHING. I am able to get other short codes so I’m seriously wondering if it’s Twitter. I’ve tried contacting their support but THEY SUCK with their non answers. I seriously do not know if it’s actually my carrier but I’m tired of dealing with it so I switched to my GVoice number. The most frustrating part is the fact that I don’t get to hear Sully say, “Hey Valerie,” whenever I get a text notification from Twitter…

Sullivan Stapleton on Blindspot
Sully on Blindspot

We hit the outlets on Saturday and it was so fun walking around and looking through the different shops. We didn’t buy too much and I actually refrained from buying anything at Coach and Michael Kors even though both stores were having a killer sale (hello, 50% off!). I did buy some undies and a pair of shoes…

And Sunday was Super Bowl LII. It was a good game! I’m so NOT a Patriots fan so I was rather excited by the end of it. We watched at our friends’ house and had a great time. I even won one of the boxes. I have money for Girl Scout cookies! SO JOYFUL!…

lumpia at the super bowl party
the lumpia was so good!

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