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sweet suite game

sometimes the moments rush
without enough to savor
sometimes time stands still
prolonging the agony inside
sometimes love begins
before your heart is ready
sometimes love shatters
before you can say goodbye
sometimes life stretches endless
the days lazy and sweet
sometimes life just halts
the nights so cold and bleak
sometimes it's time to hold on
with every bit of your being
sometimes it's time to let go
with tears washing the soul

Had to do the poetry first. ;)

The shadow tells our number

Today's game was two hours and one minute. I'm not sure how they came up with that last minute, but that's what the box score says. ;)

kids got backpacks

It was only appropriate that Eric Chavez hit the homerun that gave the A's the lead. After all, the giveaway had his face on it. Only for the kids. And I got one! LOL! The mother-in-law bamboozled one from the giveaway person. LOL! I'm not complaining.

the Nobles

I'm too lazy to fiddle properly with my pictures. When I uploaded them, I let Shrink Pic shrink them. Such a neat program! I think anyone who doesn't have the means or the know-how to shrink their own pics when sending out in email should use a program like that. Of course, I have the means and know-how. I'm just lazy. I guess I should have added the lazy part. LOL!
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