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TWITL – week forty-one – end of break

maybe you know why
each dream seeps with restless themes
reaching for your heart

Fall Break is over! The kids out here go back to school tomorrow after two weeks of vacation. I took two long weekends, which was great! Last weekend was for the MIL’s memorial; this weekend was for fun. I mostly didn’t want to work on Friday the 13th. Silly, I know.

It has been hard watching the news about the fires here in California. I cannot even imagine what all those people are experiencing right now. I have friends who live in those areas and they’re all right, thank goodness. Still, it’s gut wrenching to know people have lost their homes or livelihoods or even their lives. The rain cannot come soon enough…


Sully on Blindspot
maybe he’s dreaming of me using him in my next story… sorry Sully!

Sully is not in my upcoming National Novel Writing Month story in that he’s not playing anyone in it as far as I know. This is a first! But then I watch something like previews of the new season of Blindspot and lo, feeling the Sullivan Stapleton love again. Now I feel like I should make room for him but the characters I’ve so far envisioned don’t really match his look or vibe. Hmmm…

I know I have a few weeks before NaNoWriMo but I am anxious to start. I keep writing the prequel so as to get into the heads of my main characters but I really just want to start on the “real” story. I can’t even have anyone read the prequel because there are a couple of spoilers in it, if that makes sense…

I love when I have nap dreams. I had one the other day that was so detailed but I don’t remember much of it now except that I was hanging out with Aleks Paunovic. He was awesome in it though he did scold me a little about not paying as much attention to the fan twitter account as I should. I felt bad but he was cool with it. I also feel like Simon Kassianides was in the dream but I don’t remember what part he played. Oh, and Sam Hunt was in my dream performing an acoustic show! It was really a good dream…


We’ve actually been watching some of the new shows this season which goes against what we always tell ourselves, which is to watch shows once they’ve had at least one season.

Inhumans – I’m enjoying this show more than I thought I would. Maybe it’s because it’s located on Hawaii and the Moon (a place I love and a place of my dreams). Maybe it’s because it’s intriguing and on the sci-fi side. Whatever it is, I like the pace of the storylines and I like the characters. I like the diversity (how can it not be diverse when they’re in Hawaii?!). I also like the HUGE dog Lockjaw. He could be my favorite so far. Ha!

The Gifted – This show is a bit too serious for my taste but I’m hooked enough to not say no when the hubby wants to watch it. I think the hunt for the mutants is a bit over the top. Have we just not be given enough backstory? It just seems a bit horrible that whenever the mutants do just one thing, the automatic response is to arrest and imprison them without trying to understand them. What kind of world is this show? But perhaps the discomfort is meant to part of the experience…

The Orville – I am very much enjoying this show! It’s funny and sci-fi and serious and flawed. I love the mix of everything and I like feeling as though it’s also a familiar kind of sci-fi. I worried at little bit that Seth MacFarlane might not take is seriously enough and fill the show with bad jokes and toilet humor but instead a lot of the show is oddly in earnest and optimistic. It’s like a cross between Galaxy Quest and Star Trek.


During Oktober Fest in Brentwood
Alas, we didn’t win the raffle…

Yesterday was Oktober Fest in downtown Brentwood. We walked and enjoyed some beer, brats, and little dachshunds walking the streets. Too cute! The fest seemed to have a good turn-out, which was great to see. We ended our night at the bars then walked home. It’s nice being so close to downtown…

When I wasn’t on social media last Friday (because of the memorial), I realized later that I felt the better for it. I think this means I need to cull my Twitter and definitely pay less attention to Facebook. Even though my twitter feed isn’t too political, the current political climate has inspired many of the people I follow to post things of a political or socially conscious nature. It’s interesting but I feel sometimes that I’m getting an overload of information and outrage. It might be time to cull my social media or give myself breaks from it…

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