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TWITL – week thirty-two – those August birthdays

SOOO many August birthdays! So many family ones and even a few of the fellas (I’m thinking of Mark Mulder, Simon Kassianides, Charles Mesure)! It’s always an interesting time of the year trying to remember everyone’s birthdays. 🙂 And looks like the latest baby was just born the other day. Welcome to the world Lilyana!

Philip Winchester in Chicago Justic

Random stuff in bullet form…

  • Philip Winchester will be back as Peter Stone, this time recurring on Law and Order: SVU. So glad he’ll be back! But wait, now this means I must watch L&O:SVU?! Oh bother. (Not really. Anything for Philip Winchester!)
  • Last week’s Game of Thrones was OFF THE HOOK. When it ended, my mouth was open and I was just blown away. This week’s episode was a bit more calming but still had moments that made me squeak a little. Like the part of the annulment? YE GODS! (Did anyone else catch that?!)
  • Sam Hunt was here this weekend and I did NOT see him. I keep saying it and I do mean it– I am not at all heartbroken about not seeing him. Would I have loved it? Hell yes! But do I feel like I missed something by not seeing him? Not really, not like I would have a year ago or two years ago. After seeing Jacob Davis two weeks ago and Tyler just a little over a week ago, I think my fangirl needs have been met for the time being. So yeah, I’m cool with not seeing Sam. I’m sure he had great shows while he was here…


My social media feed was rife with the news from Charlottesville, VA this weekend. It SICKENS me, the hate spewed crap that is out there. Those people were Nazis with their salutes and chants and symbols on their clothes and paraphernalia. True Americans should be outraged and disgusted by such displays of hate. Have we all forgotten history? It wasn’t that long ago. My grandfather fought in the second World War. My husband’s grandfather was at Normandy. They fought against the very ideals those young men (young men, WTH?!) were marching for in Charlottesville. Who do they imagine is taking their country from them? Why are they filled with such hate for others? And don’t tell me they are Christian because the God that I studied and prayed to WEEPS at such evil. And all the other gods currently worshipped do not espouse such actions.  The good, true souls out there who take the base lesson of any religion– love and harmony and truth– are all horrified by the increasing tide of hate.

It’s utterly exhausting to keep reading about all of this. So when I post those short twitter bits, I mostly stay in my moment and my sunshine and joy. I’m still breathing and I will always seek the beauty of the moment even in the face of darkness. But don’t think I’m unaware of the darkness. I just refuse to let it break me…

The end is near for someone in our lives. It’s sad yet inevitable but it’s still not an easy time. It makes me think of the measure of a person’s life and how one is remembered…


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