Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

TWITL – week thirty – prelude

I had an awesome Sunday at the Garlic Festival in Gilroy but I’m working on my report so here’s the short version, bullet style!

  • I FINALLY met Jacob Davis and it was so worth the wait! He’s amazing and sweet and wonderful and if it’s possible, I adore him more than I did before we met.
  • The cohorts are awesome! I’m so glad I got to also meet Teddy, Babs, Caleb, and Justin. They knew me by name (well, not sure about Justin) and greeted me like an old friend. How stoked was I?
  • Jacob’s set was high energy and so good! Loved everything about it and they all impressed me so much. Justin is SO COOL on guitar.
  • Got a setlist (thank you Justin and Caleb!), which I of course got signed by all the boys. I’m going to have to have that framed!
  • Loved taking pictures with all the boys and I especially LOVE our group shot. I loved being able to chat with the guys and it was easy.
  • Carly Pearce, who played before Jacob, was so good! I’m a new fan now!

the set list

I will share more later!

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Tags: fangirl, twitl
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