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TWITL – week twenty-two – music & movies

LAC 2017

LAC 2017 – KAT Country’s Listeners Appreciation Concert was hot musical fun. On the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds in Turlock, country music fans gathered beneath the hot sun and barely there breeze to listen to music from new and favorite artists. It was in the lower 90s but without much shade, a random breeze, and no where to really sit, it wasn’t as awesome for us as it could have been. Maybe it’s our age but I think a lot of it was the heat because we ended up leaving during the last bit of Parmalee (who sounded GREAT, btw). We missed Lauren Alaina and Joe Nichols. I would have loved to have seen them but I couldn’t brave the weather. Yikes! Still, I’m very glad we went and at least I can say I’ve been to one of these concerts. The only way I’ll go to another one is if any of these three are performing: Tyler Rich, Jacob Davis, or Jordan Davis. There it is, my line in the sand…

Wonder Woman – I LOVE this movie. I love Gal Gadot as Diana/Wonder Woman. Chris Pine was amazing and made me love him again (although, did I ever really stop?). I loved the twists as much as the straight forward storytelling. I loved the re-write of Diana’s origin (although I read this might be from the new comics?). I love how Diana is fierce and pure and good. Even when the world opens her eyes to the cruelty of men, she still carries that light of goodness in her. She’s beautiful not just because of her form and figure but because of her spirit… Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor is so appealing in so many ways and a great counterpart to Diana. Their chemistry is natural and is allowed to develop even in their extraordinary circumstances. He is flawed but on the side of goodness. I just loved him in this… I almost cried in few parts and I already want to watch it again soon. Everyone should watch this movie. It’s beautiful and kickass…

The world is so dark and sordid and terrifying yet we persevere, don’t we? Do you know why we don’t just cower in fear and despair? We are hardier in spirit than we realize. We can let the fear and darkness consume us or we can give it its due then make it small and insignificant with our own light and love. I believe this deep in my heart. I believe that we are so capable of so much more than letting our doubts darken our souls. I believe we can rise and love and be good to ourselves and to each other. If you listen to your heart, if you focus on the joy and beauty around you, then you know it’s worth the desperation that must show its face. It makes you strong, it gives you voice, it gives you balance.

So yes, I know the world can be horrible and broken sometimes. This is why I take joy in the beauty around me, in the adventures of others and in my own. This is why I love to hear about the good things. This is why I try to keep things positive (online at least). I am a selfish creature to be sure and my only virtue may be patience but when I say I love, I love. And so many times I need to remind myself of that love and not think meanly of others. It’s one of my personal struggles. I hope I keep it well enough to myself…

I want to go to Greece. Simon Kassianides has been sharing his time there and I feel the pull of it. Because of him? Not as much as you’d think. (Yes, seriously.) I’ve always had a fascination with Greece and for the longest time it was the first place I’d name when asked where I wanted to go in the world. Then along came Hercules and Xena as well as Lord of the Rings and I wanted to go to New Zealand. (Still do, btw.) But now, seeing Greece through Simon’s eyes, I am reminded of that first allure…

The NBA Finals are on! Go Warriors!!!

CMA Fest is this week. I want to be there… Simon is speaking on a panel next Saturday in Los Angeles. I want to be there too… I love how small this town is and seeing people randomly that you haven’t seen in like two years and recognizing them and wondering if they recognize you as they slide a stealthy glace your way… Stayed overnight in Turlock at the Hampton Inn. It was so nice! Clean and roomy and comfortable…

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