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TWITL – week twenty-one – what makes you happy

What makes you happy?

FaceTime with family

FAMILY – On Saturday I FaceTimed with my sister and nieces and it was WONDERFUL! My seven year old niece read me a story that she had handwritten and it was good! It had a beginning, a middle, and an end. She showed me a page and I was duly impressed by her handwriting and just by the fact that she even wrote a story. She’s sad that summer break is upon her because she loves to learn and she likes being in school. It seriously warms my heart to hear how much she loves to read and write and learn. I love that she has an imagination and can articulate her imaginings so easily… The younger niece said her hellos and goodbyes to me but not much else. She’s freakin’ adorable… My sister and brother-in-law are doing such a fantastic job with their girls. I love them all!

Whenever I post those short messages on twitter or the pictures on instagram or the goofy quizzes on Facebook, I try to keep to the positive forces out there and spread sunshine in my small way. So I post about music or my fellas and it’s my way of trying to find the balance with all the crazy crap going on in the world. It doesn’t mean that I’m unaware of the insanity out there. It just means I choose to remember that life is precious, laughter is a balm, and love fuels the soul’s serenity…

So what makes me happy?

MUSIC – Check out Jordan Davis‘ debut single, “Singles You Up.” Super catchy song that definitely goes well with summer days… If you haven’t heard “What I Wanna Be” by Jacob Davis, why are you waiting? Go to it! I feel like I’m all about the Davis brothers love… Tyler Rich‘s EP Valerie is still one of my all time favorites. I cannot wait to hear new music from him! Soon? I hope very very soon… And yes, I still utterly love Sam Hunt. “Body Like Back Road” is a fun song and I can’t stop listening to it. I wonder if I’ll see him when he comes out this way in a few months…

RUGBY – The Crusaders have been kicking ass! I watch all the matches (well, I have them on while I’m doing other things) and I tell you, I just love it. I should probably pay better attention but I have to say that I am so glad that I am able to watch Super Rugby. I love the game and can probably just sit for hours watching all the different matches while on the computer or whatever…

FELLAS – Sometimes I think that I only like Simon Kassianides because he goes to Greece and shares his adventures. He’s there now and he’s posting to instagram and I’m loving all of it. Perhaps part of me is envious but most of me is just grateful for the little glimpses of a place I want to see myself. I’ve always wanted to visit Greece. And it’s not just to see the different landmarks and such. I want to feel the place and its history. I want to watch the sunset and maybe hear a whisper of a dusk long ago… I wish I knew Simon enough to say, “Hey, send me a postcard!”… Sullivan Stapleton is also out of the country. I think he’s in Australia? Or maybe somewhere else now? He posts a little, always with that smile of his that makes me smile. I don’t think I’ll ever quit him. He’s so under my skin… I am super bummed that Philip Winchester’s show Chicago Justice was not renewed. What the hell with that?! I hope he’s on our televisions again soon because I grew accustomed to seeing him every week. Now I think I need to a little Strike Back marathon…

WRITING – Even though I’ve been a bit uninspired these days, I know I just need to keep plugging away on whatever story I have in the pipeline. Maybe I have too many. Maybe I need something entirely new. Maybe I just need to step away and regroup. Maybe I’m overthinking all of this…

And what makes you happy?

LAST BABBLE – I asked that question in an instagram post this week. I wanted to counter the seemingly constant flow of negative news and push back a little and show there are still things in this world that can make you happy. I wrote that what makes me happy besides my one and only and family and friends are music and my fellas. Obviously I post a lot about my fellas and a bit about my favorite music. Maybe it’s a little silly at my age but you know what, I don’t really care. I like what I like and I like spreading the joy they inspire within me. How can I not be grateful for that kind of sunshine upon the soul?

What Makes Me Happy
Plus HELLO! Are these fellas not super easy on the eyes?

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