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TWITL – week twenty

me with my new Jordan Davis cap
my new Jordan Davis cap

My tattoo is healing up quite nicely and I’m loving it. I’m already thinking of my next one but I know that I need to halt that line of thought because I have never gotten a tattoo right on the heels of another. This is probably the shortest amount of time between tattoos (about a year). If I get one tattoo this year, I might be have a little problem. Knowing what I want for my next tattoo is making want another one sooner rather than later. Ye gods.

my honu tattoo

Tyler had two shows up in Sacramento this weekend and alas, we weren’t able to go to either one. I know that I will have other chances to see him again but it’s killing me just a little bit that we couldn’t go this time. So many of the regulars were there and it would have been fun to have seen them. Good thing there were some livestreams and instagram stories…

I missed my cousin Beverly’s Celebration of Life party. It was in Roseville and I’m never good at long drives alone so I didn’t go. I’m still a little torn about her passing. On the one hand, I’m sad that she’s gone because she had love in her life in the form of family and friends. On the other hand, I’m glad that she’s not suffering anymore. Is it weird that I can still hear her saying my name? We hadn’t seen each other at all the past several years but I can still remember some moments as though they were yesterday. The last time I saw her was at a family get together. She seemed older because of her declining health but her spirit was still strong. I will remember that most about her…

goofing off he's still adorable...
Simon playing with the Instagram story face filter…

Must Simon Kassianides be adorable even when he’s a little dorky? Apparently he must. Or I’m just easy like that. Whatever! He needs to post more everywhere or anywhere. And it would be AWESOME if I could get him to follow me on twitter. No, I don’t know why I want it so much but come on, I’m mostly harmless. Right? Right! Someone tell him to follow me so that I can totally fall out in fangirl glee. I’ll adore you forever!… The featured picture for this post (if you’re reading at is a screenshot from the show Nikita. Simon was in an episode and he had a Spanish accent and I totally loved it! I know I’ve said it before but Spanish accents aren’t usually my thing but his was delicious. I’d say it’s just because it’s him but he did a French accent for an episode of Zoo and I wasn’t really too keen on that one. But that’s just me not really liking French accents, even on the hotties…

Blindspot – The season finale aired and ended with a jump forward in time and a whole new set of questions. My impressions… I’m probably in the minority in this but I am not a “Jeller” fan. I get it, I do, but for me, there’s something a little off in the Jane/Weller combination. Is it a lack of chemistry? Maybe. I do not feel that spark for Jane and Weller. I liked Weller with his baby’s momma and I actually liked Jane with her boyfriend. But Jane and Weller? Something is off for me. Maybe I had it in my head that their regard for one another was of the brotherly/sisterly type and I haven’t been able to see past that. Is it him? I’ve seen Sullivan Stapleton opposite plenty of women (see Strike Back) and he’s always managed to make me believe in the spark he feels. Is it her? I haven’t really seen Jaimie Alexander romantically opposite too many men so I can’t really say. I can’t put my finger on it but Jane and Weller together just doesn’t feel quite right to me. Go on, tell me I’m crazy… Otherwise, the season finale was action packed and mostly satisfying. I’m not convinced that Shepherd didn’t have any contingency plans. She was too smart throughout the whole season to just have it end the way it did. And Roman. He has to be the most complex character at the end. I hope we get to see more of him!…

Chicago Justice – I hope this show gets renewed if only so that I can have Philip Winchester on my tv every week. I don’t watch any of the Chicago shows (though I’ve seen eps here and there) so if they want me to start watching the other shows, maybe they should renew Chicago Justice. He is so good on the show and I love how he’s turned himself into this whole other character. It’s amazing to watch, to be honest. As much as I ADORE Sullivan Stapleton, I think Philip Winchester has done a better job of becoming someone else in this role. Sully seems constrained in some ways (or maybe that’s just the way he plays Weller). Anyhoo, RENEW CHICAGO JUSTICE!

The swimming turtles video is still on my mind and I’ve decided that I was being teased just a little. It makes me smile so I’ll take it as a bit of sunshine. As much as it could be a coincidence, I don’t think it is. But it’s not a big deal either, right? Right…

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