Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

TWITL – week fifteen

so besotted
in this
of such sweetness
now as if it’s forever

those eyes!
OMG, green eyes are my weakness…

Did you see what I did there? Well, maybe you did, maybe you didn’t…

I’m writing this on Monday when I would have usually written this during the weekend. I had a three day weekend (back to work tomorrow!) so maybe that’s my excuse? Perhaps. I love the long weekends and now it’s time to power through until our next holiday weekend, which is at the end of May. Ye gods!

Sunday was not only Easter but also our anniversary. We’ve been married for over two decades. Where has the time gone? I am a super lucky lady to have such an awesome husband. I don’t like to talk about it too much because unlike me, my hubby does not have the same kind of online life that I have. So there it is. The best thing about us is that we actually still LIKE each other. Also, my hubby totally understands I’m boycrazy. He mostly rolls his eyes at me about it…

I almost posted my next Listworthy but then I realized that it might be better to post right before someone‘s movie releases. We shall see…

from his instagram story...

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Tags: poetry, simon kassianides, twitl
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