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TWITL – week three 2017 – fangirl love

I am filled with such fangirl love for my fellas and fellow fans right now. Who’s first?

Jacob Davis! Jacob is on a radio tour and we’ve been lucky that the different radio stations have live-streamed Jacob’s mini-gigs. Just the other day, I happened to be looking at my twitter and the local Sacramento station tweeted that Jacob would be visiting on Wednesday! And there’s a contest to hang out while he performs. OMG, I just about fell out! Yes, of course I entered the contest. Part of me feels like this is it, this is when I FINALLY get to meet Jacob and the cohorts (well, a couple of them?). Another part of me feels like I’m probably not going to “randomly” win because I’m sure I’m not the demographic they want visiting the radio station. Still, I have hope. Because seriously, when is Jacob going to be somewhat accessible to me except now? So fingers crossed!!!… The radio tour is revving up the Jacob Davis Squad into a little action and we are loving it! Our joy is spreading the word on Jacob and his music. He’s going to take country music by the horns, I tell ya. And I just feel lucky that I’m part of such a damn stellar group of fans who really truly go with love…

poppin' the cork
Tyler the other night…

Tyler Rich! I am so excited and happy for him. He popped the cork the other night and when it’s official (like press release official), I’m going to shout it out everywhere. Suffice to say that there are super awesome things on his horizon, which means if you don’t know his name now, you will in the coming days. I’m always going to support him in all his endeavors and I know that he knows it. I feel so lucky to be one of his fans. I am grateful for all the moments and for the friends I’ve made because of him. We are bound together by our adoration for him, his music, and our shared experiences…

watching Agents of SHIELD
watching Agents of SHIELD

Simon Kassianides… I don’t know if it’s just that he’s the fella in my current story and my head is filled with him acting out the scenes but I’m in full on fangirl mode for this man. I’m trying to be cool about it. I’m trying not to angle too much for attention but make no mistake, I’m hoping to catch his eye when I post about him. It seems to work when I post screencaps of him and mention his short film. See, I know how to work it. Ha! But seriously, it’s kinda awesome when he likes my tweets. And when he actually retweets, I cannot help the little flutter. Fangirl me is easily thrilled. If he ever actually replies to me, I’m done. Sully might have to either share his spot or give way…

open up!
Sully blindfolded… ya know, because he’s on Blindspot…

Sullivan Stapleton… This week, the blind taste test video of Sully on Rachael Ray was posted and it’s HILARIOUS. First off all, if you’re going to blindfold Sullivan Stapleton, well, a taste test isn’t the first thing I’d devise for him. Second, why did he have to be so damn adorable?! I was jealous of RR feeding him. Third, when can I finally meet him? I want to touch his scruffy cheeks then hug and kiss him. Just once. I’m not greedy or anything. Not really…

Sherlock – It’s over already?! Well, the season at least. I can’t wait until it’s on Netflix so I can re-watch the latest eps again. Such a good show! I don’t want it to ever end but if this is the end, I think it was so very well done. I would love more stories. I’d love to see The Woman again. But you know, it doesn’t need to happen. At least I know that if it does happen, they won’t do it in half measures. It will be done right…

Blindspot – Another good episode. Good to see Roman getting out and having more flashbacks. He’s a bit cold blooded though, isn’t he? Of course, the end had the breathless moment. Kurt remembers Shepherd?! Can’t wait to see where that takes us!

Friday was the changing of the guard in Washington DC. I’m glad I was at work so that I could not be tempted to watch it… I loved seeing all the pictures from the marches on Saturday. Peaceful gatherings to march. I see it as coming together with love and hope and strength. That is my takeaway from. I am proud of all the women and men who came together to show the world that yes, we can all be together even in our differences… I wrote another letter to my Army niece. I hope she got the first one. It’s nice to just write some words on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, then stick a stamp on it…

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