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TWITL – week two 2017

After days of rain, the sun broke through on Friday. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t gotten sick enough to not go to work. Seriously, how sucky is that? It’s just a little sucky. Of course, being able to stay home and sleep almost all day isn’t such a bad thing except it feels like you’re wasting the day away. Alas.

Sully on Seth Meyers
Sullivan Stapleton on Seth Meyers

Sully was adorable the other night! LOVED when he talked about not being able to cuss on network tv. Believe me Sully, I feel your pain. I MISS your cussing! Why does he have to sound good when he swears? It’s terrible, I know, to like it but I do. I also liked what he said about steamy scenes. Well, I mostly liked that he said, “…steamy scenes.” It made me giggle because that’s how I describe intimates scenes in my stories. It oddly delighted me to hear him say those words. He’s adorable when he does those interviews…

MONEY MONSTER – I’ve wanted to watch this movie since I heard Jack O’Connell was in it. We finally watched it on one of the movie channels last night. It was really good! I thought Jack was great in it but I was also a bit mesmerized by Caitriona Balfe. Good movie, very well done…

Blindspot – I seriously enjoy this show a lot. Even though Sully is the main reason I watch, the show has definitely hooked me. I love the mystery and the characters and not knowing where the story is going. I love surprises…

Emerald City – Two episodes in and I’m going to say that I do like it so far. I’ll keep watching because I want to know what happens next. Part of me wonders if it might fare better as a cable show but so far, it’s not been so sanitized as far as some of the plot points. I hope the network gives this show a chance…

Taboo – Tom Hardy is already just SO GOOD in this one. I cannot wait to see what this show will bring. It’s grimy and tense and mysterious. I cannot wait until Tom unleashes because you know he will. He must. It’ll be a waste if he doesn’t…

Simon Kassianides in Trust No One
Simon Kassianides in Trust No One

Simon Kassianides wrote/directed/starred in a short called Trust No One. I’ve watched it a few times. You’re thrust into the action with absolutely no idea what’s happening but it’s quick to draw you in and keep you hooked until the end. Simon plays Ben, a man on the run with something on a USB drive that everyone wants. He’s with Amber and they head into this dilapidated building to sell what they have. Things go awry. Brett Dalton appears near the end, his purpose to get what Ben has. Then it ends. Of course, I want more. I wonder if there will be more…

“Marco & Thalia” – A tiny bit stalled on this story, mostly because of being sick. I’ve been thinking a lot of the story but haven’t been writing nearly enough on it…

“Carter & Janina” – Definitely stalled on this one. Need to re-work the last part I’ve written because I’m definitely not satisfied with it…

One of my nieces joined the Army and is in South Carolina for training. I wrote her a letter the other day and hope that I’m not too lazy to write her every few days. I’m so proud of her and I know she will have great adventures… My seven year old niece is already at third grade math. She is awesome! She plays sports, does well in school, and is a sweet girl. I hope this is her norm because it’ll do well for her in the future. Oh, and she’s already starting to code. LOVE IT!… It still tickles me when my fellas like or retweet or favorite my social network posts. I know that when I mention them in my posts, I’m trying to get their attention as much as trying to give them attention. I like when it works out for me…

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