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06 November 2016 @ 09:56 am
TWITL – week forty-four – National Novel Writing Month has begun! – #NaNoWriMo  

National Novel Writing Month is probably one of my favorite things and I’m doing it again this year. Yes, another romance novel, and yes, it stars a man who looks suspiciously like Sullivan Stapleton but what can you do? He’s a great muse! I’m mostly on pace if I just want to do the 50,000 words but I would like to try for 60,000 since a couple of years ago I was able to hit that mark. So wish me luck!

Sullivan Stapleton in Renegades
Sullivan Stapleton in RENEGADES

Oh, and the first trailer is online for Sullivan Stapleton’s movie RENEGADES (formerly THE LAKE). Looks like it’s a February release.

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