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10 April 2016 @ 10:31 pm
TWITL – week fourteen – @TylerRichMusic again! #TylerRich  

I say please once more
waiting for smiles and laughter
ever with this love

with Tyler on Saturday night, living the #TylerRichValerie

This was probably the first time seeing Tyler so soon after the last time. Saturday night at the G Bar is busier and livelier than a weekday night. His first set was very long and we ended up leaving during his second set. He sounded GREAT, of course.

We got to chat during his break. He is SO SWEET. Such a lovely guy and I’m so glad that we can actually spend a few minutes talking. I know it will not always be this way so I am glad for the those moments I get with him. He’s really such sunshine. SUNSHINE, I say!


I went to church today for my niece’s First Communion. I liked being there and realized that I miss the feeling of being in church. Lunch was great and dinner was delicious. SO MUCH FOOD TODAY. My tummy is full. It was great spending time with my cousins…

I’m very glad I got talk with Tyler…

Why is my writing so stalled?! Grrrrrr…

The Warriors are so much fun to watch!… I didn’t watch much rugby this weekend…

I have more to say but time for bed!…

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